betabrand Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

Among the reasons we love San Francisco’s betabrand so much is that they relentlessly refuse to take themselves seriously. Now, from the company that brought you Cordarounds (horizontally-pleated corduroys) and the indefatigable Karate Casual Pants, we’ve got the slacker garment version of a Mullet: the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie. It’s the hoodie that says, “Yeah, at a glance, I look like a million bucks. Also, this thing’s comfortable to sleep in.”

For those who struggle to wake up before the crack of noon but still need to dress to impress, we most highly recommend you check one of these out. For the discerning slacker, or those with a deeply ingrained sense of irony and a love of comfort.

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  1. These are great. Love the sweatpants even more. Dream come true for office clothing – if your boss is cool!

    nick.martini on May 16, 2012
  2. Every start-up founder needs one of these.

    The pinstripes say, “I’m IPO serious,” while the hoodie says, “I’m a legit entrepreneur!”

    I can see one of these in Zuckerberg’s closet. Can’t you?

    Bill Rice on May 16, 2012